Behind the Magic of Therapy for the Soul Photography 
Heather Shockney
I am the photographer behind Therapy for the Soul Photography. When the weather cooperates you can find me checking out a new trail, sunflower field, or waterfall. I love taking photos of birds. My daughter calls me a bird stalker. 
I'm a huge Reality tv fan (Survivor or Big Brother anyone?). I have several Hulu & Netflix shows I am addicted to (The Handmaid's Tale, Working Moms, You). When not binge watching one of these, I am catching up on Grey's Anatomy.
My current obsession is my Cricut. I love making things I can use as props. I have been trying so many different projects and just absolutely love it. When I am editing you can find me singing terribly to Eminem, Lady Gaga, and NKOTB (the original boy band).
That's enough about me. I am looking forward to getting to know you really soon and capturing your moments, one photograph at a time.
Steven Shockney
Steve is the other half of Therapy for the Soul Photography and my biggest supporter. He will be the one keeping you on your toes with posing and making you smile with his humor.
When not helping me, he can usually be found doing some sort of project around the house or building something I have asked for. He is great at helping me create new photography props.
If he is not busy with a project Steve can be found out hiking with me or watching something Marvel or serial killer-related.